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Best for the World 2017: Baxendale


CD: What does being on the Best for the World list mean for your company?

We see the value of being an employee owned business every day. We're delighted to be placed in the Top 10% for 'Best for Workers' since it recognises the value of our employee ownership model.

We place our partners' wellbeing at the heart of all we do ourselves, plus as a management consultancy help others to recognise the expansive impact of employees feeling they have a say, being engaged, getting recognition and having a healthy, productive, trust-based working culture.  

CD: What practices has your company implemented that has helped you become Best for the World?

Baxendale has been helping organisations to transition to employee ownership for 20 years, as well as supporting companies to find other models for them that cement a positive and fruitful working environment for all depending on their needs. We wanted to become a B Corp because fairness and positive impact, both in the way organisations are run and the work they do outwardly, is paramount to both ourselves and our clients. 

We ourselves have two partner trustees who are a point of contact and support for anyone internally that has questions or concerns and who hold our directors accountable; we also survey our partners every month and are agile with resolving problems, listening really carefully to feedback. We involve partners in all aspects of the business planning process, hold quarterly reviews, update regularly, seek input from all areas regardless of seniority or department and generally keep evolving to ensure the best for workers. It works incredibly well for us and we're proud of our culture.

CD: In what ways does the company include and consider your stakeholders in achieving your mission and having a positive impact? 

Our work is wholly reliant upon us meeting and exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders, and we only work with organisations that want to make a positive impact since this is what motivates us and why we exist as a management consultancy. We work with those that want to see change and run better, fairer businesses that benefit and serve communities. 

CD: What has your company learned about its operations and areas for improvement by certifying through the B Impact Assessment?

The B Impact Assessment forces your business to cast a critical eye on operations and continually ask what can be improved: is this the best way? As well as reaffirming the things you know you're already incredibly good at - like for us, the value we place on our team - it also shines a light on where you have more to learn or innovations to discover. We will be aiming to keep improving our impact score. 

CD: Is your company targeting Best for the World lists it isn't already on? If so, which ones and how does it hope to achieve that target? 

We've already begun looking into improving our scores over a number of categories. We're always looking to improve our ways of working and strive to do the best for both the organisations we work with and the wider world.

CD: Congratulations again Baxendale on being a Best for Workers Honoree!

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