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Best for the World 2017: Bethnal Green Ventures

CD: What does being on the Best for the World list mean for your company?

It is always nice to be noted for the work you do! Hopefully we will get on more Best for the World lists in years to come.

CD: What practices has your company implemented that has helped you become Best for the World?

We have been selected for this list due to how we scored for the governance in place at Bethnal Green Ventures (BGV). Our team is kept in the loop with what happens in our Board meetings - the agenda is circulated and afterwards we have a team meeting to discuss what happened during it. We have thought long and hard about who we want on our Board and decided that one member should be from one of the teams that we have supported and invested in.

CD: In what ways does the company include and consider your stakeholders in achieving your mission and having a positive impact? How has it contributed to the company fulfilling its mission? 

All of the employees at BGV are engaged in our mission. They have helped create what that mission is and, of course, are of paramount importance is us achieving that mission. In fact, we are currently having a rethink on how we articulate our mission. BGV are coming up with a set of principles at the same time to help guide us in how we work to achieve that mission. External stakeholders will be engaged in this process - we will be looking for feedback from our customers, those startups that we support, and the organisations that have invested in us.

CD: What has your company learned about its operations and areas for improvement by certifying through the B Impact Assessment?
That we have work to do on improving our environment score. However maybe this is because many of our alumni companies uses our office space so it looks like we generate a lot of waste (and recyclable materials) for a small team.

CD: Congratulations again Bethnal Green Ventures on being a Best for the Long Term Honoree!

View the B Impact Report for Bethnal Green Ventures. 


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