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Better Know a B: EQi Group

EQi helps their clients understand the financial impact of their environmental, social, and health and safety performance to identify opportunities to drive profitability and resilience.

Tell us a bit about the history of your company?

EQi was founded out of frustration of seeing 'sustainability' often degenerated to compliance missing the opportunity not only to strengthen operational performance but even more so create value. 

Though it is proven that companies with a holistic approach outperform markets, and though the understanding is there that you can only manage what you measure, the way sustainability data are currently captured (if at all) to say the least massive opportunity remain untouched, which is especially disappointing considering the often considerable effort put into the sustainability management.

To fill the gap, our founder Steve Burt (originating from financial analytics) applied modern tech and data analytics to build a platform, which not only helps protect brands in their legal requirements and customer expectations, but even more so helps utilise efficiencies and enables proactive performance management. The platform brings insight not only into the own operation, but also up and down the value chain, which often contains even greater opportunities. 

In this way, we turn Sustainability Data into Business Intelligence.

Why did you become a B Corp?

We believe in the power of business to find ways to tackle the global sustainability challenge. If businesses solution can be found integrating sustainability in the core of the business proposition, change will come on its own.

We feel highly aligned with the principles of a B Corporation. Having been certified by a neutral third party we not only want to underline our own ambition, but equally support the movement.

What excites you about being part of the global B Corporation movement?

Finding a group of companies and entrepreneurs who walk the talk, who are business oriented while committed to a good purpose. 

Can you tell us about the impact that your company is having in the world?

We help our clients to see how sustainability can increase their resilience and profitability, thus overcoming the false notion of sustainability being a luxury and cost and instead seeing and using it as a source for value creation. From a bigger picture, we are thus using the power of business to drive change.

What benefits have you seen since certification?

Being a B Corp distinguishes the company to walk the talk opposed to the loads of greenwash out there. At the same time, it underlines the business interests. Since certification and openly displaying our B Corp certification, I was surprised about the positive feedback we got, not only from those who are already certified, but also those who are not.  

How did your other staff react to the certification?

To reach B Corp certification one has to jump through a few hoops. It does not come from nothing. Having achieved the certification is of course reason to celebrate. But since it is additionally on a very positive theme, it provides reason for pride.
What has changed in your organisation as a result of taking the B Impact Assessment?

We are still a rather young company. I like using certification schemes to ensure that we have not forgotten anything. There has been a lot of clever thinking going into the B Corp certification process. The assessment is a great checklist of making sure that all proper procedures are in place. Having thought through the own governance and procedures, filled in the gaps, provides everything into a better shape and place.

What does the year ahead hold in store for your company?

Our original solution was oriented towards big corporates. We have now developed a solution, which is also applicable even for the smallest of companies. At the same time, we have developed a Supplier Assessment scheme, which we are currently successfully rolling out. On both we would love to work together especially with B Corps.


Who is your B Corp crush?


It’s 2020, 5 years since you certified as a B Corp, what does the movement look like?

Strong community of healthy businesses who through their business success underline that Business without compromise can be source for good. 

What is inspiring you at the moment?

The passion and stories of our clients to move the needle towards a sustainable future. 

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