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Better Know a B: Escape the City is a founding UK B Corporation. We caught up with Dom Jackman, one of the founders, to find out more about them.

SD | Tell us a bit about Escape the City, your vision.

Escape the City helps people untap their potential by transitioning them into fulfilling work. We feel passionately that everyone has the right to love their work yet so few do. We’ve set ourselves a goal to help a million people find work they love because we feel that could change the world.

SD | What has the last year been like for Escape the City?

We’ve been going almost 6 years but this last year has been the busiest by a long way as we’ve been busy building our first Escape School in London.
By doing so it’s also been the most impactful and rewarding as we see in our school everyday people making brave leaps towards a career on their own terms.

SD | Why did you decide to become a B Corporation?

Six years ago, my co-founder Rob and I left our corporate jobs to do something different with our careers.

For us, ‘different’ meant many things: it was about doing work that helped us fulfil our potential — work that would allow us to look back and say we hadn’t wasted our time on earth working for a cause we didn’t believe in.

So we built Escape the City as a community for all those frustrated and ambitious professionals who want to build careers on their own terms. We vowed that if the organisation ever grew beyond the two of us we’d make sure it mirrored our ‘do something different’ philosophy. This would include doing things differently everywhere in the organisation — from the people we hired to the products we offered. For us, B Corp allowed this. It helps us with our mission. It helps us be the business we want to be, retain and attract our staff and help us be the change we preach in the world.

SD | What does it mean to you to be one of the founding UK B Corporations?

We’re honoured to be alongside some really impressive organisations both in terms of what they’ve already achieved and what they’re setting out to do.

SD| What are some of the things you learned about your organisation through taking the B Impact Assessment?

It’s put a structure and framework for what business utopia looks like. It’s highlighted areas we’re good at and many areas where we can improve. 

SD | Can you tell us a little bit about the impact that Escape the City is hoping to have/is having in the world.

At the root of Escape the City is a desire to ensure people are able to un tap their own potential. If you’re not able to do that it’s just a waste, but for many people finding what it is you’re meant to do is hard.

Helping people find what they love, are passionate about and are incredible at whilst helping them discover what it is they are made to do is not only rewarding but multiplies impact. People freed to unleash their potential is hugely powerful and impactful to the world.

SD | What does the year ahead hold in store for Escape the City?

Right now we’re only London-based so our next challenge is to take what is working well in London and serve the huge need of our global community. 

SD | Which other B Corporations (in the UK or globally) would you most like to meet/speak to/do business with?

We’d love to speak to all of the amazing B Corp organisations because we have a community of 240,000 members who would love to work for you. Part of what we do is provide a space to allow progressive organisations to post jobs and we’d love to help some of our community into new jobs at these progressive B Corp organisations.

SD | What are you reading at the moment?

Sadly I don’t have much time to read these days, but I’m an avid listener of James Altucher’s podcast.


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