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Our B Corp Journey: C-Level on #WhyBCorp?

Daren Howarth, founder and CEO of C-Level, has written about his experience of pursuing B Corp certification.

C-Level helps companies identify, invest in and capture the life changing impact of the worlds most innovative climate projects. Exploring new relationships. Answering the question, how do we inspire change and embed sustainability? 

Nothing like a resolution to start the New Year and we will shortly be making a very ’special resolution’ on headed paper and posting it off to Companies House. This will be a milestone in our journey to become B Corp Certified. We will change our legal documents, our articles of association to include a requirement for the company to take all stakeholders into account, including the entire biosphere. I really like the sound of this, and I’m hopeful we can achieve it. 

It fits with the reasons I founded C-Level back in 2000…and that was to get some fresh thinking into business, to get business people to stop just thinking about money and start doing things to transform our relationship with the earth and the ecosystems everyone depends on. 

Our fresh thinking was to come up with the terms Carbon Footprint and Carbon Balanced. And our main service remains the practical action of helping businesses become Carbon Balanced. We do this in our own holistic way, by bringing business and forest peoples together on climate change and forest protection. The business takes positive action on its recent carbon footprint, while forests are protected and peoples lives are improved. The business gets certified as Carbon Balanced.

Our business clients now have a further exciting option - to work with our documentary making team to finance a film about the project they have balanced with. This creates big interest within the business and an independent powerful comms piece to reach out into the world. The project benefits by getting a lot more exposure to other businesses. 

That’s what C-Level is mainly about, and as such its important that we don’t just ‘operate’ the business ‘as usual’. Like a taxi, we may be taking some people to a great new place, but its not worth it if the taxi is pouring out smoke all the way. We may be a small business, even intentionally so, but these are collective impacts we are trying to deal with, so everyone matters. Also, I like to think that people pay attention to innovative ideas so smaller players can ripple out their influence and impact for the positive. Apple started in a garage…and the B Corp idea may be starting in the UK with mainly small businesses going through accreditation.

Pursuing B Corp now feels exciting, almost like refreshing the original inspiration for C-Level by taking a deep look at how the business works, and by setting an intention to join a growing community of like minded business people. A space that sees profit and growth following in the light footsteps of greater purpose. I also like to sail close to the wind, as that is where big changes can be picked up and the big waves form. My sense from clients and intuition is that B Corp and other similar initiatives like Responsible 100 are a wave that is really building right now and if I am right, running this business is going to be fabulously rewarding on all levels over the next five years.


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