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The First B Corp Certified Public Utility Company

B Lab is proud to announce the B Corp certification of the public utility company: Green Mountain Power. The below post comes from Mary Powell, Green Mountain Power's President & CEO. To learn more about how Green Mountain Power became a Certified B Corp, visit their B Corp website profile and check out their FAQ.

Energy can change lives and transform communities. Those guiding beliefs drive Green Mountain Power employees as we look to find new innovations to help customers save money by using more renewable resources and less energy.  

It may strike some as odd that a utility wants to help people use less. At GMP, we are obsessed with providing our customers with the lowest-cost, cleanest, and smartest solutions for energy use. This is what our customers tell us they want, whether it’s distributed energy resources, community projects, solar, wind, or a new way to track and control energy use remotely with mobile technology. GMP wants to accelerate the pace of change and find new ways to benefit customers. 

That passion to be a force for positive change is why we are so honored and excited to become a member of the B Corp community—and the first public utility in the world to earn this distinguished certification. Becoming a B Corp will push us to continue to think of ways to be better—better for employees, better for communities, and better for the environment.

This change is already happening in Rutland, Vermont. We are working with local leaders to create the “energy city of the future” with a network of electric vehicle charging stations, a micro grid that is powered by solar and battery storage, community solar projects, and complete home energy services through our E-home program, which helps customers complete a comprehensive energy makeover that can be controlled through a smartphone.  

Another exciting community transformation in Rutland is our Energy Innovation Center. GMP renovated and moved into what was a dilapidated, long-vacant downtown building, where we now incubate and develop cutting-edge energy services and launch pilot programs and services. This has spurred more economic activity in downtown Rutland. Rutland’s Police Chief James Baker says GMP is an incredible partner in transforming Rutland and creating socio-economic change for residents. The Department of Energy tells us that our comprehensive approach in Rutland is the first of its kind in the nation.  

This is putting Vermont on the cutting edge of energy innovation, but it's also changing lives and strengthening communities. At a time of double-digit increases in electricity rates across the region and higher costs for families, GMP lowered rates this year by 2.46 percent. Green Mountain Power—Vermont’s Energy Company of the Future—is an exciting transformation that is bundling new energy products and services to change lives and build healthier communities by allowing Vermonters to save money, use less energy and move away from fossil fuels.  

We became a B Corp to demonstrate our deep commitment to creating positive change in the community and the environment through our work to make clean energy more affordable and reliable for Vermonters. We have much more work to do, but the energy future of Vermont is very bright. We are so honored to join with other businesses embracing the mission to “do good” and be a force for positive change.  

Visit Green Mountain Power's B Corporation profile to learn more.


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