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UK B Corp community hits 118 certified companies

The UK B Corp community has seen strong growth in the final quarter of 2016 and the start of 2017. Below is a list of the 18 newly certified members of our community - and there are even a few more who are getting ready to announce themselves very soon! Be sure to click through to see their websites and their B Corp profile, find out a bit more about what they do, and tweet them to say hello and welcome to the community!


Divine Chocolate - TwitterWebsite | B Corp Profile
Resource Futures - Twitter | Website
SUP Kids (Pending B) - Facebook | Website
18 Feet and Rising - Twitter | Website
Unforgettable (were Pending B, now fully certified B Corp) - Twitter | Website | B Corp Profile
Three Point Zero - Twitter | Website


Almach Energy - Twitter | Website | B Corp Profile
Elephant Creative - Twitter | Website | B Corp Profile
Systemiq (Pending B) - Twitter | Website
Tribe Capital - Twitter | Website
Sweetman and Partners (Pending B) - Twitter & Twitter | Website
BriteLives Limited (Pending B) - Twitter | Website


Radfield Home Care - Twitter | Website | B Corp Profile
Tessera Limited - Website


Squeaky Energy - Twitter | Website
TBC (waiting to announce very soon!)
twentyfifty - Twitter | Website
TBC (waiting to announce very soon!)


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