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What’s in a name? B Corp and B Company

At our September 2015 B Corp launch we adopted the language of the global movement, in particular the term 'B Corporations'. Being clearly part of a unified global community was a big deal, but we always understood that this term wasn’t 100% in line with our own business language in the UK.

Our global community has grown significantly since September 2015, new international partners have come on board, and so we've welcomed Entreprise B and Empresas B to our family. In line with other international partners, we're keen to introduce an optional alternative label for use in the UK: 'B Company'.

Feel free to use it if you think it better suits your customers, clients, suppliers etc. We can provide a revised 'Certified B Company' logo to anyone interested. Of course you're still fine to use 'B Corp' if it suits your international marketing or existing stakeholders.

Whichever term you prefer to use, the key message is that you are part of a global movement of 2,048 B Corps in 50 countries, who use their business as a force for good and who strive to be not only the best in the world, but also the best for the world. We’ll pick this up again at our B Together retreat, but in the meantime if you’d like to discuss this further or let us know what you think about this, then please don’t hesitate to contact Katie on 07764186325 or email us at


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