Pending B Corps

Many start-ups want a way to incorporate B Corp principles into their business before they can qualify for full B Corp Certification. Pending B Corp status helps those early-stage companies to make that commitment.

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Who can become a Pending B Corp?

B Corp Certification is based on the verified practices and policies of a company over the past year—rather than what it aspires to do in the future.

That means that only companies that have been in operation for at least twelve months are eligible for B Corporation Certification. Not sure when your company’s operations began? B Lab measures the operational start date from the time at which at least one individual was contributing 35+ hours per week to the company.

Although early-stage companies do not need to become Pending B Corps to pursue full B Corp Certification later on, it provides a valuable framework to identify areas for development before transitioning to a fully fledged B Corp after 12 months.

To become a Pending B Corp, companies are required to:

1.  Meet the B Corp legal requirement 

Amend your Articles of Association to legally commit to considering your impact on your company’s key stakeholders. Learn how your company can meet this requirement.

2.  Complete and submit a prospective B Impact Assessment

Ensure that you understand the requirements of B Corp Certification and identify the right policies and practices to put in place as your company grows. The prospective B Impact Assessment does not need to be verified by B Lab, so you will not receive a verified score. Find out more.

3.  Pay a one-time fee of £500

This covers the 12-month period which allows you to engage in community events, connect with other B Corps and use the Pending B Corp logo to publicly communicate your commitment.


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Over 100 companies have become Pending B Corps

This allows them to:

  • Signal to current and future investors that their company is already beginning to measure, manage and improve its social and environmental performance
  • Demonstrate strong governance by adopting the B Corp legal framework early to protect its mission and values from inception

Find out more about the certification process