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IguanaFix LTD

Marketplace for repairing, installation, cleaning and maintenance solutions.
Certified Since: December, 2018
Location: Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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IguanaFix is an online marketplace for repairing, installation, cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Through its digital platform, customers can select services such as painting, plumbing, electricity, cleaning, interior & exterior repairs, and more, connecting with verified professionals that guarantee a high-quality service.

IguanaFix´s mission is to make life simpler by delivering seamless, hassle-free, and reliable solutions to the everyday needs of people and organizations while being an agent of social change in Latin America.

IguanaFix trains, hires and gives work to thousands of people at the bottom of the pyramid. It also runs training programs for people to access their first formal job and provides tools to help micro-entrepreneurs grow their business and move upwards socially.

The company brings technology to the most offline business of all and provides 100% transparency in pricing to all customers.

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