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Sustainability consulting, eduction, adventure & ethical outdoor retail
Certified Since: September, 2015
Location: St.Davids, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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TYFÕs expertise lies in using systems thinking to connect information and action that makes a real differences for audiences across education, in communities, with SMEs and large business, and with regional or national government.

TYF's skills are in inspiring change and delivering memorable, action-focused learning experiences that give customers and audiences the confidence and desire to make change, inside and out.

TYF's mission and purpose are driven by a deep awareness of the multiple challenges facing communities and countries as they respond to radical changes in food, water, resources, population, health and environment.

TYF's vision is for a world where new opportunities and challenges are faced with love, curiosity, courage and a long distance view, nudging out the fear, poor information and short horizons that characterises too much of the decision making in business, community and government.

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