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Sustainable, Renewable, & Bio-Based Materials for a Circular Economy
Certified Since: August, 2018
Location: Tel Aviv, TEL AVIV-JAFFA, Israel
Sector: Manufacturing

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UBQ has developed a revolutionary solution that converts Residual Municipal Solid Waste (RMSW), destined for landfills, into the novel and patented UBQ Material. The mixed waste stream, including the organics fractions like food waste, garden trimmings, paper, cardboard, diapers, dirty plastics, as well as packaging materials are converted from seemingly heterogeneous waste streams into an entirely homogeneous material that can be used in existing plastic processing equipment. During the conversion process, the unsorted residual waste stream is reduced into many of its more basic natural components. At an almost molecular level, these natural components reconstitute themselves and bind together into a new composite material.

The UBQ solution effectively enables industry to reuse wasted materials over and over again. By converting the waste into this commercially viable and valuable material, they provide the missing link between waste disposal through to new product manufacturing, transitioning from a linear extraction and consumption system to a truly circular economy.

UBQ's industrial pilot is set in Israel with annual production capacity of 5,000 tons. Built as a modular and highly scaleable system, UBQ's production capacity can be readily scaled to meet growing demand.

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