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specialised products and services for people with dementia and memory loss
Certified Since: November, 2016
Location: London, London, United Kingdom
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Unforgettable offers the worldÕs best marketplace of life changing dementia products, a one stop source for all those affected by dementia and memory loss. They are a social business founded by personal experience of a need for information, advice and products. Their founder, James Ashwell, faced these challenges head on when he became a full time carer at the age of 25 for his Mum who had been diagnosed with early onset dementia. His caring, like so many other carers globally, was characterised by learning at the point of crisis. One of the most life changing discoveries he found was a whole range of dementia specific products designed to ease everyday tasks. Despite hundreds of these amazing products being developed, James found no easy way to access them.

The solution to this broken and underserved market is Unforgettable. They support young entrepreneurs in the field and use real life experience to source the best products from the market, bringing them together in an online store. Alongside their shop is a wide range of articles about dementia and memory loss, its causes and its treatments, and advice to help you cope with the challenges.

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