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Natura Cosméticos SA

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Certified Since: December, 2014
Location: Cajamar, São Paulo, Brazil
Sector: Manufacturing

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Cosmetics company that is conscious about well-being and sustainable development by cultivating better relationship within the community as well as with nature. They work with sustainable practices in their operations, bringing awareness to better choices for a better future. Natura is a multinational Brazilian company present in Brazil, as well as in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, France, Mexico and Peru. In the Brazilian market, they are the leading direct selling player with more than 1.8 million Natura consultants and currently are expanding their footprint in the retail sector through own stores and partnerships with drugstore chains. In addition, Natura is investing in an expanding digital platform.

Their own plants are located in Cajamar, São Paulo and Benevides, Pará, where is located the soap factory in an industrial complex that enable them to expand production and attract other companies interested in sustainable business development. Beside that they have outsource production in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico and the international footprint also includes the Australian brand Aesop, in which Natura increased its interest to 100%, in late 2016.

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