About B Corps

Could an oil company become a B Corp?

Any business can become a B Corp as long as it meets the criteria.

The B Impact Assessment enables a business to measure and manage its environmental and social impact. The assessment and review process delves further using the Disclosure Questionnaire and our own Due Diligence to ensure that there is no material breach of the interdependence code that must be signed for certification. This code commits B Corps to creating a positive impact for people and planet whilst generating profits.   

How easy is it for a B Corp to raise capital or be purchased by a larger mission led company? Can being a B Corp help you scale?

Yes, being a B Corp can help you scale.

US tertiary education company Laureate was the first B Corp to go public and raise capital via an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2017. It raised $430m through Nasdaq and a further $380m from private equity firms such as KKR. The B Corp certification was seen as an attraction as the value of the impact focus was recognised by investors.

Is Danone a B Corp?

Danone – and other big companies – are on the B Corp journey. Danone’s Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Faber, has publicly committed to a longer term goal of certifying Danone’s global operations as a B Corp; in the meantime, a number of Danone’s subsidiaries have already certified as B Corps, and many others are going through the process of measuring their environmental and social impact with a view to certification as well.