The UK B Corporation Movement

The UK B Corporation Movement

The UK B Corp Movement

We need an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet. Let's use business as a force for good.

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Latest news and stories

  • B Corp Month 2024
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    B Corp Month 2024

    Every March, B Lab and the global B Corp community celebrate what it means to be a B Corp, raising awareness of the movement worldwide. This B Corp Month, let’s show the world how we’re moving forward, together.

  • Evolution of standards second consultation
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    The latest draft standards for B Corp Certification have launched and we want your feedback

    B Lab has launched the second consultation — sharing the latest iteration of the standards and calling for your feedback. Learn more.

  • New report says change to company law could add £149bn to the UK economy
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    New report says change to company law could add £149bn to the UK economy

    There is huge potential to change our economy for the better. The Purpose Dividend explores how purpose-driven businesses can drive the UK’s economic recovery.

  • Learn more
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    The business case for becoming a B Corp

    Learn how successful businesses improved their growth, employee engagement and partnerships through B Corp Certification.

  • 1,500 UK B Corps show that business can thrive and benefit all
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    There are officially 1,500 UK B Corps!

    This week the UK B Corp community celebrates 1,500 UK businesses becoming B Corp certified, an increase of 50% in less than a year.

Who we are
B Lab is the non-profit network
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transforming the global economy
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to benefit all people,
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and the planet.
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We’re building the B Corporation Movement

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Join the 1,900+ B Corps in the UK

Our most challenging global problems cannot be solved by governments and non-profits alone. By harnessing the power of their business, B Corps commit to positively impact all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet.

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Want to meet the B Corp Community? 

The UK B Corp community is growing faster than ever. There are now over 1,900 B Corps in the UK, with over 81,000 employees. Find B Corps you can buy from, work for, do business with and invest in.