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Find out more about our campaigns, The Power of Business, the Better Business Act and Boardroom 2030.

77% of the UK public believe businesses should have a legal responsibility for people and the planet. 

The failure of shareholder primacy is increasingly acknowledged by business and finance leaders around the world. Many are now calling for a shift to corporate governance that prioritises all stakeholders, commonly known as stakeholder governance.  This kind of corporate governance ensures that companies are required to consider the interest of all of their stakeholders — customers, workers, suppliers, communities, investors, and the environment — in their decision making. Further polling results and methodology can be found here

B Lab UK initiates campaigns (open to all businesses) to accelerate this shift. Find out more about the Better Business Act, The Power of Business, and Boardroom 2030 below. 

The Better Business Act

The Better Business Act would transform the way Britain does business

The world needs business at its best — helping to fix urgent problems like climate change and inequality. Backed by a coalition of over 2,600 businesses, the Better Business Act's mission is to change the UK law to ensure every company in the UK aligns the interests of their shareholders with those of wider society and the environment. the objective is to amend Section 172 of the Companies Act in line with these principles. 

The pitch for better business

The Post Office, P&O and many other high profile corporate scandals have made clear that the current model of business – where making profit for shareholders is prioritised – is broken. To help solve the urgent problems facing society today, all businesses need to be empowered to think beyond profit, and create solutions to the social, environmental and economic crises we face.

On Thursday 16th May we are bringing business leaders together at the Barbican to make the pitch for better business.

Read the full press release here.

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The power of business
The Power Of Business (10)

The UK's cost of living crisis has taken hold

As the crisis unfolds, UK businesses will experience it in different ways — but all face urgent decisions on how to respond. We've developed a short guide — the power of businessthat delves into the different ways businesses can be a force for good during the current crisis, based on the insights of business leaders and industry experts. Not all companies are able to help right now – for some, it's simply a matter of survival. This short guide is for those that can.

Use this resource as your starting point. Share it with your senior leaders, suppliers and investors. Use the power you have to lift others and lead change. 

Boardroom 2030
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18Th August

Imagine the future of boardrooms

Boardroom 2030 invites and equips businesses to explore what a 2030 future could look like while drawing attention to the changes we must make to our boards today. 

B Lab UK is calling on businesses (B Corps and non-B Corps alike) to commit to hosting a Boardroom 2030 activation. This means running a board or SLT meeting in a different way – engaging key people (inside and outside the business) to address challenges and make decisions to future-proof your business and the world.

Interested in running an activation?  Visit the website to see what this could look like for your business

What could your Boardroom 2030 activation look like?

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