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News and updates from the B Corp movement in the UK.

The latest updates from B Lab UK

  • Preliminary consultation for the B Corp Certification Standards
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    Preliminary consultation suggests new B Corps standards are ambitious yet attainable

    Read B Lab UK's press release on the latest progress in the evolution of B Corp Certification Standards.

  • Pip Murray joins B Lab UK board
    Pip Murray
    Pip Murray joins B Lab UK board

    Pip Murray, Founder of B Corp Pip & Nut has joined the B Lab UK board. Find out more.

  • Better Business Day press release
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    78% of UK public back a change to company law

    Our latest research reveals the vast majority of the UK public (78%) now back a change to company law that would see the interests of people and planet sit alongside those of shareholders when making boardroom decisions. Read the full press release to find out more.

  • B Corp training
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    Behind the B: an introduction to the B Corp movement

    We've developed a free, two-hour training course that will advance your knowledge of the B Corp movement and using business as a force for good. Get started today.

  • B Corp Month 2023 press release
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    UK public seek out ‘good’ businesses but lack trust over claims

    Read B Lab UK's B Corp Month 2023 press release.

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