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Who can certify?

Is your business eligible to certify as a B Corp? Find out more here.

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B Corps range from multinational companies to sole traders

Most for-profit businesses which have been in operation for at least a year may pursue B Corp Certification.

Certain companies, such as start ups, those with related entities, or large multinational and public companies, have additional requirements.


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Pending B Corps 

If your business is a start up with under 12 months of operations, you’re eligible to become a Pending B Corp. Pending B Corp is a great way to communicate the mission of your company, engage in the B Corp Community and put in place a framework for impact improvement. 

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Large businesses

If you’re a large and/or complex business you should get in touch with us to confirm the correct certification approach for your company. Large and/or complex businesses tend to have a revenue of £100m+ and:

  • Operate in 2 or more industries
  • Operate in 5 or more countries
  • Have 5 or more subsidiaries
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Other business models

  • Sole traders are eligible to certify. If working alone in their business, they should select ‘0 workers’ when choosing the company size in the B Impact Assessment. Sole traders are not eligible for Pending B Corp
  • Charities and non-profit organisations are not eligible for B Corp Certification
  • Partnerships, mutuals and cooperatives are usually eligible to certify

If you are unsure about your eligibility or certification approach, please contact us.  

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Determining industry eligibility

As an increasing number of companies apply for B Corp Certification, B Lab and its Standards Advisory Council must develop models for how to effectively evaluate the impacts of many different industries, policies, and practices. For high-impact, controversial industries, this is done through an Eligibility Review.

Find out more about the certification process