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Why certify as a B Corp?

Businesses that become B Corps have seen great results: committed and motivated employees, increased customer loyalty, higher levels of innovation, and market leadership.

How do B Corps perform?
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Recent research shows that B Corps out-perform their UK peers across several business metrics. Compared to data from surveys of UK SMEs, we found that B Corp SMEs have, on average:

  • Faster growth in turnover and employee headcount and higher expectations about future growth
  • Greater levels of employee retention, engagement and diversity 
  • More robust governance processes 
  • Greater focus on civic and community engagement 
  • Higher levels of innovation 
  • The same likelihood of success at securing external finance

The UK B Corp community is now one of the fastest growing B Corp communities in the world. Why? 


Certifying as a B Corp can bring the following benefits:

  1. Improving impact through participation in working groups, sharing best practice and ongoing use of the BIA and SDG Action Manager 
  2. Collaborating with other B Corps, joining B Locals around the UK and working together to find solutions to specific challenges 
  3. Networking and attending exclusive community events 
  4. Alignment with B Lab and the B Corp Community on global issues 
  5. Engaging employees in the company’s purpose and mission and attracting and retaining talent 
  6. Articulating the company’s mission externally – to investors, clients, customers and suppliers 
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What does being a B Corp mean to you?

Listen to what one of our Founders in the community has to say!