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1,000 UK B Corps

When a business becomes a B Corp, as a collective we get bigger, better, bolder and more impactful. There are now 1,000 UK B Corps, which calls for a celebration.

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1000 x Better

The first thousand UK B Corps, have brought us a thousand times closer to achieving our vision of an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. Together, we are 1000xBetter, and we’re just getting started…

Celebrating at the Natural History Museum...

A night at the museum

The 24th of November was a day that will go down in history — for the first time we brought the community of UK B Corps together at an iconic venue, the Natural History Museum to celebrate the extraordinary milestone of 1,000. 

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Can you spot yourself celebrating?
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The B Corp community in numbers

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The UK B Corp community 

To celebrate 1,000 UK B Corps Jacqueline, B Lab UK's Head of Community, shares facts and stats about the UK B Corp movement. 

B Corps, thank you for being a force for good

B Corps are redefining what success looks like in business — modelling the kind of businesses we need in order to create an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system. Every new B Corp demonstrates that businesses thrive when they act for people and the planet.



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