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The SDG Action Manager

Developed by B Lab and the United Nations Global Compact, the SDG Action Manager is a dynamic self-assessment tool that helps all businesses take action for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Understand the SDGs, set goals, track progress, and collaborate.

The SDG Action Manager is a unique impact management solution that can help every business set goals, track progress, and stay motivated and organised on specific actions to support the SDGs.  All businesses can use this tool - you do not have to be a B Corp.

The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 Global Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, to be achieved by 2030.  They are a unique opportunity for all sectors to rally around a common global agenda to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all stakeholders enjoy a shared and durable prosperity. Today, we are not on track to achieve these goals.  Business must play an increasingly impactful role and deliver on these important commitments. 

Join a community of 20,000+ companies using the SDG Action Manager to:

  • Find a Starting Point: Learn which SDGs are most relevant to your business, understand your existing contribution, and find out how to take action today.
  • Understand and Share Impact: Analyse operations, policies, and business models in terms of potential positive impact and risks, as they relate to the SDGs.  Communicate your learning journey and about the impact improvement actions you are taking.
  • Set Goals and Track Improvement: Use the dashboard to visualise and realise progress towards your goals, and use our benchmarking feature to compare against other businesses in your industry.
  • Collaborate With Colleagues: Keep track of your progress as a team through one company dashboard.
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Researchers, members of B Lab’s insights team and B Corp leaders are hosting an online event to discuss adopting a hybrid approach to the SDGs.

Tune in on B Corporation's YouTube channel at 2pm on the 2oth September. This event will also be saved on YouTube if you're unable to join live.