Complaints about UK B Corps

B Lab’s formal complaints process is used to identify possible instances of misconduct or misrepresentation by B Corps and is an essential complement to the review and verification process in maintaining the integrity and value of B Corp Certification. This process is managed by the Disclosure Review Committee within B Lab Global.

B Lab will investigate material, credible, and specific claims against a B Corp in one of the two following categories:

  1. Intentional misrepresentation of practices, policies, or outcomes claimed during a company’s certification process
  2. Breaches of the B Corp Community's core values as expressed in our Declaration of Interdependence

The complaints process is run by B Lab Global. B Lab UK directs complaints about UK B Corps to the global team and works closely with the organisation to monitor the status of complaints and investigations, and communicate developments.     

The cases below are UK B Corps with open investigations. 


Last updated 1st September 2022

We are awaiting the final outcome of this case. You can view the most recent summary on BrewDog’s B Impact Report profile (“Transparent Disclosure Report April 2022”).

Possible outcomes of the complaints process include no further action, additional transparency, required remediation, or revocation of the certification. Read more about B Lab’s complaints process and how it works.