Complaints about UK B Corps

B Lab’s formal complaints process is used to identify possible instances of misconduct or misrepresentation by B Corps and is an essential complement to the review and verification process in maintaining the integrity and value of B Corp Certification. This process is managed by the Disclosure Review Committee within B Lab Global.

B Lab will investigate material, credible, and specific claims against a B Corp in one of the two following categories:

  1. Intentional misrepresentation of practices, policies, or outcomes claimed during a company’s certification process
  2. Breaches of the B Corp Community's core values as expressed in our Declaration of Interdependence

The complaints process is run by B Lab Global. B Lab UK directs complaints about UK B Corps to the global team and works closely with the organisation to monitor the status of complaints and investigations, and communicate developments.     

The cases below are UK B Corps with open investigations. 


Last updated 11th April 2022

In June 2021 a group of former BrewDog employees published an open letter outlining complaints against the company. 

B Lab concluded an initial review in September 2021 and determined that the claims against BrewDog fall within the scope of the complaints process and therefore a formal investigation is in process. 

A more detailed report from the initial review can be downloaded from BrewDog’s B Impact Report profile (“Transparent Disclosure Report April 2022”). This includes a summary of the issues raised and the actions taken by BrewDog in response to the open letter and the expanded scope of investigation in relation to subsequent allegations [updated: April 2022]. 

B Lab is continuing to monitor any related developments and new allegations, either received via our complaints channel or surfaced through public reports.  Where relevant, they will be considered as part of the investigation, which may have the effect of extending the process to allow time for a review of these new factors. Additional developments will be considered as they arise throughout the process.

The team at B Lab Global is currently working to the following timelines: 

  • May 2022: Detailed and in-person site review 
  • June 2022: Site review results presented to B Lab’s independent Standards Advisory Council
  • August 2022: Expected resolution

The ongoing investigation will include a detailed and in-person site review in May 2022 (this has taken longer to schedule in this instance due to the pandemic and health/travel concerns). The site review will allow the investigation to take into consideration any improvement actions already underway, as well as other relevant developments to ensure a thorough and objective decision. It will include a more detailed review and verification of practices included in the B Impact Assessment, as well as the topics that were raised in the open letter and other reports. In addition to any relevant documentation, it will include a facilities tour and interviews with staff and company leadership. 

The results of this site review will be presented to B Lab’s independent Standards Advisory Council to determine if any further action against the company’s B Corp Certification is required. This is currently planned for June 2022 although this may change if, for example, additional allegations arise. Possible outcomes include no further action, additional transparency, required remediation, or revocation of the certification.  

Ensuring a thorough and objective process throughout this investigation is essential for achieving a just resolution – and such important matters require time and planning. Any further complaints against BrewDog can be brought to B Lab’s attention through the complaints process.