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Shaping the future of B Corp Certification

B Lab is evolving the standards for B Corp Certification. Explore the latest iteration of the standards.

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Evolving the standards for B Corp Certification

We’re in the midst of the biggest change to the B Corp standards. Whilst regular revisions have been made to the B Corp standards since B Lab's launch in 2006, the time has come for B Lab to evolve the standards, not just revise them. Why? As the climate crisis intensifies and societal inequality grows, it's important to meaningfully demonstrate the leadership role B Corps and the movement play in the world.

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The second consultation 

We’ve reached a vital juncture in the evolution of standards for B Corp Certification and your role in shaping these standards has been critical. B Lab has concluded the second consultation, incorporating your feedback into the latest draft.

The launch of the second consultation was about refining bold, future-facing standards and is the culmination of over three years work. B Lab has addressed important stakeholder feedback from previous consultations and these standards are much more comprehensive than the last, sharing compliance criteria and contextualising the standards for different companies by size and sector.

When to expect an update

B Lab is currently working to incorporate feedback from the second consultation into the latest draft, with updates to be shared in due course.