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On Purpose—The B Corp Bar

B Corp drink brands work together to benefit people and the planet. Find out more about the drink brands involved.

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15 B Corp Certified drinks brands have come together to raise the bar for purposeful business this B Corp Month. On Purpose will tell the story of how B Corp drinks brands are making progress on the journey to better business, whether it’s reducing water usage, donating revenues to conservation charities or introducing policies to support their workers’ mental health. Find out more about the brands involved. 

The B Corps behind the bar
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Hattiers Rum

Based in Devon, Hattiers Rum sources exceptional rums from over 25 distilleries around the world and elevates them to another level, creating exquisite and accessible signature blends. Hattiers Rum donate 1% of all revenue through 1% For The Planet, they are partnered with climate platform and fellow B Corp Ecologi to back transparent planting projects and support local conservation projects.

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Avallen calvados

Avallen calvados is a planet-positive spirit made from just three things: apples, water and time. Their drinks require 70-95% less water than the industry norm and are packaged in lightweight recycled glass bottles or Frugalpac paper bottles. Avallen Spirits is passionate about saving the bee population and is in partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to achieve this.

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Boatyard Distillery

Boatyard Distillery has a clear goal to be the leading Irish gin distillery, making organic and sustainable spirits while giving its team their best possible adventure. Boatyard Distillery ingredients are completely organic and sourced from local farmers. 

At the distillery there is a focus on circularity; leftover botanicals are reused to make chocolate and spent grains are used as cattle feed. To reduce glass usage, the Boatyard Distillery recently added an eco-refill station so customers can reuse their empty glass bottles, and bars and restaurants are provided with Eco-Pouches instead.

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Cono sur

Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery was founded in 1993. Today, 83% of Cono Sur’s vineyards are run on solar power, windflowers have been planted to improve soil health and biodiversity, and wild geese are used as a natural pest control. Cono Sur has close ties with its various local communities, actively supporting various initiatives ranging from sports activities to first aid training.

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FUNKIN COCKTAILS has been mixing great tasting cocktails since 1999. Through its No Time to Waste environmental sustainability programme, FUNKIN COCKTAILS has increased its glass bottle recycled content from 14.6% to 42.5%, and collaborated with recycling facility Enval to help customers dispose of their products sustainably.

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Lucky Saint

The UK's #1 dedicated alcohol-free beer. Brewed with centuries-old techniques to create a truly modern lager. Lucky Saint is partnered with climate platform Earthly which helped removed 110% of their carbon emissions to become climate-positive, supporting conservation projects in Madagascar and Peru.

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MOTH: the most delicious cocktails in a can. Working with climate platform Zevero, MOTH continuously tracks its products’ footprints. Compared to an average cocktail made in a bar, MOTH products create over 30% less greenhouse gas emissions.

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Nc'nean is an independent, organic whisky distillery based on the west coast of Scotland. Every bottle of Nc’nean whisky purchased supports two square metres of biodiversity through farming. The Nc'nean distillery is zero waste, and recently introduced bees to help boost the pollinator population. Additionally, its whisky bottles are made from 100% recycled glass, reducing their carbon footprint by 40%.

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Sapling make world-class spirits, and exist for three reasons; to help lead the way with sustainability in the drinks industry, tackle climate change. Sampling Spirits has planted 193,000 trees across the UK and abroad, saved 150k bottles through its refill programme, and launched a carbon-neutral delivery scheme.

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Award-winning SXOLLIE is a refreshing cider. SXOLLIE is a carbon-neutral company with a fully traceable supply chain. 100% of its packaging is recyclable and it has a 0% waste to landfill in production, with all of their waste products being reused. SXOLLIE actively engages with, and supports local charities, such as YMCA and Age UK.

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Toast Brewing

Toast set out to make beer that tastes amazing and does amazing things too. That’s why it brews with surplus bread, turning leftover loaves into liquid gold.

Since 2016, Toast Brewing has saved over 3 million slices of bread and donated £106,000 to its various charity partners, such as the Rainforest Trust UK, Soil Heroes, and Feedback.

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The Uncommon

The Uncommon makes unbelievably good English wine — in cans. Using some of the world’s finest grapes grown and handpicked in its Kent vineyard. 

All of The Uncommon’s vineyards are within 50 miles of London, and the team have planted wildflowers and installed new beehives to promote biodiversity at production sites. The Uncommon’s canning process is completely powered by renewable energy, and the cans used have a 79% lower carbon footprint than a glass bottle.

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Tribeology makes canned cocktails and partners with climate platform and fellow B Corp Ecologi to offset their carbon emissions. It is a long-term partner of the Thirst Project, donating 17 litres of clean water for every can that is purchased. To date, Tribeology has donated 23 million litres of clean water. In 2022, Tribeology fully funded a well in Estawini, Africa, providing access to drinking water for a community of over 200 people.

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Vita Coco

From supporting and empowering farmers to fuel programs that provide access to nutrition and wellness in local communities, Vita Coco is committed to spreading the goodness of coconuts to as many people as possible. Vita Coco has partnered with 7,000 farmers to plant new coconut seedlings and other crops, ensuring farmers can generate income and boost the overall biodiversity of the local ecosystem Vita Coco sources from. Through various charity partnerships, Vita Coco has supported the construction of 35 schools globally and, in Sri Lanka, introduced 200 women to the farming industry, equipping them with the necessary agricultural and business skills. Vita Coco is on a mission to positively impact 1,000,000 people in coconut farming communities.

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Warner's Distillery

Warner’s Distillery is the world’s leading premium farm-born gin producer. Falls Farm, home to Warner’s Distillery, is focused on conserving and creating new habitats for wildlife. Warner’s encourages its employees to get stuck into nature conservation activities, and, through its partnership with Freshwater Habitats Trust, has supported the regeneration of local wetland and wildflower meadows. Its spirits are lovingly crafted with nature using ingredients directly from the botanical gardens, hedgerows, and natural springs of its farm estate. 

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