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How becoming a B Corp helped Here We Flo stand out from the competition

Here We Flo wanted to start a socially impactful business with sustainability at its core, which is why it made sense to become a B Corp – a process that has accelerated their potential for growth in domestic and international markets. 

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Here We Flo is a UK-based organic and personal care brand. Founded in 2017 by university friends Susan Allen and Tara Chandra who were frustrated by not being able to easily buy organic tampons and saw a gap in the market for a challenger brand.

  • Founded: 2017
  • Certified: 2023
  • Employees: 13
  • Industry: Personal care products
  • Location: UK, USA

The challenge 

  • Striking a balance between rapid global expansion and upholding sustainability values
  • Achieving differentiation in a saturated market

From day one, Here We Flo aimed higher than simply ‘achieving growth’. Instead, it wanted to challenge and disrupt the period, bladder and sexual wellness markets with organic and vegan products – and right from the start, gave back 5% of profits to people and the planet.

Co-founder Susan Allen says, “We are really passionate about sustainability. My co-founder and I started Here We Flo with the intention of that impact – helping people have sustainable swaps for their period products.”

Here We Flo’s materials are free from dyes, pesticides, petroleum plastics, and contaminants. Its 100% organic cotton tampons come in non-applicator and plant-based sugarcane applicator styles, while the brand's pads and liners are made from organic Oeko-Tex® bamboo with biodegradable, plant-based wrappers. Operating in a crowded market, B Corp Certification proved a valuable way to stand out from the competition.

Here We Flo is pioneering a sustainable future for personal care

How B Corp Certification helped

  • A way to report on holistic values 
  • An added incentive for major retailers 

Achieving B Corp Certification was a validating moment for Here We Flo. "Our sales executive led the charge to obtain our B Corp status. It credentialled all the intentions we’ve always had for the business,” says Susan. “It forced us to document a lot of what we did that was already part of our culture and helped us appreciate what we have built.”

Being a B Corp provided a unique edge, especially in the US market. "In the US market, being the only condom brand with a B Corp Certification has genuinely set us apart. It's a clear message about our values and what we stand for," Susan says.

Here We Flo has already launched in a series of UK retailers, including Boots, Ocado and Holland & Barrett. But now they are making inroads in the USA via Target and Whole Foods. These major retailers value brands that champion quality alongside sustainability, aligning with their own ESG sustainability goals.

"It's a clear message about our values and what we stand for."

The impact

  • Creating a space for genuine commitment and authenticity 
  • Laying down a sustainable blueprint for operations

“Since you have to go through quite a rigorous process to achieve the status, it’s been great to do it at this point,” says Susan. “Starting with a strong foundation of good practices is much easier than trying to retrofit good practices in a large, established company.”

Walking the Here We Flo team through the B Corp process created opportunities for the company to continue to strive to do even better. “When you quantify what you're doing and document it, then you can say, well, actually, we could improve this and that.”

Beyond simply creating personal care products, Here We Flo is pioneering a sustainable future for personal care – with the hope of becoming “an empowering one-stop-shop for everything below the belt!”

To learn more, head to the Here We Flo website and its page on the B Corp Directory.

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