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How becoming a B Corp helped Krī Skincare attract new talent

Becoming a B Corp didn’t just elevate Krī Skincare’s profile as a company, it also helped them attract new talent – which will play a key role in their growth going forward.

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Krī Skincare is the culmination of everything founder Rupa Wincell was searching for as a consumer: evidence-based ingredients, a gentler environmental footprint, ethics, and transparency. 

  • Company: Krī Skincare 
  • Location: London
  • Industry: Personal care products
  • Purpose: To produce vegan skincare products using minimal ingredients for maximum impact while supporting global conservation efforts

The challenge 

  • Attracting talent to help the company grow
  • Producing products that were kind to the planet 


Environmental stewardship has always been at the forefront of Krī Skincare – from donating 1% of its revenue to the World Land Trust, to prioritising regenerative, wild, raw materials that are native to their region and support local economies.

“From growing up on the African continent to visiting rural communities in remote parts of the world, I’ve witnessed first-hand the importance of ensuring we don’t contaminate the very land and water that feeds our fragile ecosystem,” says Rupa. 

As a small business with big goals, Krī Skincare knew it was doing good things in the choices it made with its supply chain but had no demonstrable method of measuring its impact. It also wanted to attract like-minded consumers and talent who valued ethical and sustainable practices.

“Krī Skincare was destined to be a B Corp from its inception,” says Rupa. “I didn't actually know about B Corp at the time, but I researched various certification bodies as I wanted to make sure that whatever we said we did was validated. When I found B Corp, it was a lightbulb moment – and made sure that our business was built based on those values.”

How B Corp certification helped 

  • Boosted brand visibility  
  • Engaged value-driven talent 


Becoming a B Corp didn’t just give Krī Skincare a certification – it handed them a loudspeaker, not just for its products but for its business ethos. “There was an increased awareness after we became a B Corp, which was valuable in the very crowded market of beauty skincare in the UK.” 

With B Corp Certification, Rupa found a lot more trade interest and consumer awareness. During B Corp Month, Krī Skincare was spotlighted among 120 brands at London's inaugural B Corp shop, a unique platform to raise awareness about the movement of people using business as a force for good. 

The brand has also achieved press mentions in major publications that highlight pioneering B Corps in their features. “We don’t really focus on outbound PR, so having these titles notice us because we’re a B Corp has really helped elevate awareness of our brand with no additional financial outlay,” says Rupa. 

Krī Skincare also found itself attracting employees who shared the founder’s vision and ethics. “Before our marketing director, Charline Morel, joined us, she specifically went through the list of B Corp companies and contacted us,” says Rupa.

“Charline - with her extensive international experience in the beauty industry - was someone that we probably wouldn't have been able to access or afford previously, but she really wanted to work for a B Corp,” says Rupa. She notices there is a shift in terms of how employees choose who they want to work for – values have never been more important. 

“I was looking to join a B Corp with values that were close to mine. And that’s how I found Krī,” said Charline, adding, “I’m so glad I joined Krī as it makes a big difference in my everyday job.”

"Without a doubt, pursuing B Corp certification was one of the best decisions we made for our business"

The impact 

  • Increasing consumer consciousness   
  • Pioneering a sustainable framework

Besides attracting new talent, Krī Skincare also joined the B Corp Beauty Coalition, a collective action initiative committed to working together to improve the environmental footprint of the beauty industry, especially in ingredient sourcing and packaging. 

Rupa was also part of the 'Equalisers' – B Lab’s Equitable Growth Advisory Group, designed to help provide better support for underrepresented founders, mitigate the barriers to achieving B Corp Certification, and foster a more inclusive community of B Corps. 

Krī Skincare has always been a purposeful business, and the B Corp certification solidified this vision. With each product, the company underscores the importance of mindful consumption, blending efficacy with ethical ethos. 

“As a certified B Corporation, Krī Skincare has been able to access partnerships, collaborations, press coverage and new opportunities to engage with the wider community to make a more meaningful impact. Without a doubt, pursuing B Corp Certification was one of the best decisions we made for our business,” Rupa concludes.

To learn more, head to the Krī Skincare website and its page on the B Corp Directory.