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How Klyk is transforming tech to be more sustainable

Klyk, which supports B Lab UK’s IT & Cyber Security services, has found that becoming a B Corp has led to all kinds of new partnerships and collaborations – enabling Klyk to take its mission even further.

In 2021, while searching for sustainable technology solutions for one of his ventures, Asad Hamir found a gap in the market alongside his co-founder Zahid Khimji.– an absence of truly sustainable technology options for businesses. This realisation wasn't just an entrepreneurial lightbulb moment; it was the start of a mission to transform the technology landscape. 

  • Company: Klyk 
  • Location: London
  • Size: 15
  • Industry: Hardware, IT & Cyber Security
  • Purpose: Klyk makes sustainable IT simple for modern businesses – helping businesses tackle e-waste, reduce their carbon footprint & boost savings by up to 60% on their IT spend

The challenge 

  • Desire to integrate green practices in the tech & IT sector
  • Needing to meet new partners and collaborators

Every year, our planet grapples with 54 million tonnes of new e-waste. Klyk is on a mission to reduce that number. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including sustainable hardware solutions, seamless tech onboarding and offboarding, sustainable mobile upgrades and repairs, state-of-the-art IT recycling, expert IT services, and cyber security measures. 

"We help businesses adopt the Circular Economy for their IT. This not only sends a powerful message to their workforce, but businesses also tackle e-waste and save up to 60% on IT expenses," shares Asad.

A challenge they were facing was around collaborating with new partners and finding new customers. They knew that there were businesses out there that needed help with their approach to sustainability, they just weren’t sure how to find them. 

Klyk is also taking steps to bridge the digital divide, ensuring everyone has access to vital technology. Becoming a B Corp has helped them spread that message even further. 

How B Corp Certification helped 

  • Provided a framework for meaningful business interactions
  • Became a backbone for decision-making, particularly in areas like recruitment

"We became a B Corp about two years ago, and it's been massive for customer acquisition. Many businesses are intrigued by the fact we're a B Corp,” Asad explains. The status has caught the attention of various businesses, who often approach Klyk curious to know more about what it means and how Klyk’s association with this certification shapes their operations.

There have also been new conversations within like-minded businesses that are already B Corps themselves. “Within the B-Corp community, there's a lot of networking and shared values, making business conversations easier," explains Asad. 

As well as collaborating with other startups and scaleups, they have partnered with all the major names in Tech, which provides them with Certified Refurbished and excess stock devices. “This allows consumers to get the ‘as-new experience’ while also saving on cost & carbon emissions,” he explains.

The impact 

  • New partnerships with a variety of firms 
  • Building a sustainable framework for the long term

"Through Klyk, we are not just offering a service; we're driving change in the tech sector. Being a B Corp anchors our mission, broadening our impact and paving the way for invaluable partnerships," he says.

Certification not only symbolised a stamp of trust but also shaped Klyk's internal ethos. It ensured that Klyk maintained the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and social and environmental performance.

So far, they have saved 157 tonnes of CO2, 1,500 kilograms of e-waste and have also donated 3,000 laptops. They partner with firms including Salesforce, Cheeky Panda, Candy Kittens, and Oddbox and are just getting started. 

To learn more, head to the Klyk website and its page on the B Corp Directory.

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