It takes more than a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion workshop to become an inclusive organisation

Closing the diversity opportunity gap.

Inclusive Organisation Hero Image
"An organisation investing in DEI training without a holistic understanding of its needs and goals is implicitly assuming that a few short-term actions will tick the box and lay the issue to rest".

1. For learning to stick, it needs to be contextualised

2. The opportunity for participation is limited

3. Workshops are a burst of intense activity rather than steady long-term improvement

"Reflecting on the opportunity will encourage leaders to connect the value to their strategic goals, rather than as a side project because it is deemed politically correct in the current landscape"

1. Co-design provides necessary context

2. Co-design unlocks active participation

3. Co-design takes time

Nishita Dewan is the founder of CollaboratEQ and accompanies organisations as a Chief Learning Officer, designing bespoke learning journeys for clients. She advises boards and executive teams on how to harness diversity as a source of competitive advantage and uses co-design to build inclusive and safe environments to allow diversity to flourish. She is an INSEAD alumni and member of The Weaving Lab and the Point People, an intimate collective of systems change practitioners.

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