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Celebrating 5,000 B Corps

Voices from around our global network reflect on the milestone and the growth of the movement.

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The global community of Certified B Corporations is now 5,000 strong! 

Over 15 years ago, this movement began with a vision of a new way of doing business: one that would bring benefit not just to shareholders, but all stakeholders — including workers, customers, communities, and the environment. Our B Corp community now spans 13 Global Partners & Market Builder regions, 79 countries, 154 industries, over 400,000 workers — and now 5,000 B Corps. 

Together, we’re transforming the global economy, and making business a force for good. Below, B Global Network leaders reflect on this milestone in their own words. 

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B Lab Global's Certification & Verification Team

"This is a moment of celebration for the entire B Global Network, but it’s a time especially to highlight the efforts of B Lab’s Certification & Verification team. Over the past year, our 45 B Lab Global analysts and 44 Genashtim Independent Verification Analysts have spent thousands of hours verifying B Impact Assessment reporting and undergoing review calls with companies to ensure that new B Corps around the world are meeting the high standards of social and environmental impact that define this community. This period of growth has not come without its challenges, and we want to honour the dedication this team has made to this movement and to an equitable, inclusive, and regenerative future for the global economy." — Christina Forwood & Kali Gibson, Co-Directors of Certification & Verification, B Lab Global

Sistema B — Latin America & the Caribbean

"A few years ago, reaching 5,000 B Corps in the world seemed like an unattainable dream. Today, standing where we are, we can proudly look at thousands of leaders and millions of employees and consumers who have decided to bet on a different way of doing business and consuming products that are good for society and for the planet. However, we also know that we have a long way to go. May this milestone be evidence and an inspiration for hundreds of thousands more companies to commit to working for a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for people and the planet." — Felipe Chajín, Executive Director, Sistema B International

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From left: Christina Forwood, Co-Director of Certification & Verification, B Lab Global; Kali Gibson, Co-Director of Certification & Verification; Ngwing Kimani, Executive Director, B Lab East Africa & South Africa; Felipe Chajín, Executive Director, Sistema B International, Shalini Samuel, Certification & Training Lead, B Lab Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

B Lab Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

"What a wonderful achievement! To every Certified B Corp, as well as the tens of thousands of businesses that continue to use the B Impact Assessment to improve impact, you are leading the way in demonstrating how stakeholders can be placed at the heart of business. Here in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, as growth of the movement continues to accelerate, we are rolling up our sleeves in excitement for what will be accomplished in the coming years." — Shalini Samuel, Certification & Training Lead, B Lab Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

B Lab East Africa & South Africa

"There is now a greater recognition among business owners, leaders, and even consumers that wealth-hoarding by a few and token corporate CSR projects is out of fashion. This decade, the 2020s, is the decade of action — to address not only the climate crises but the societal ills that plague us. Over 5,000 for-profit businesses globally are taking a stand to use their business for good. In Africa, we have over 2,000 businesses that are using our tools as they journey towards this goal. Considering the myriad of obstacles that African businesses face in their day-to-day operations, this is a great commitment on their part and B Lab Africa is supporting them every step of the way." — Ngwing Kimani, Executive Director, B Lab East Africa & South Africa

B Corps China

"We are thrilled to be part of this incredible global milestone! In the China market, especially in the last two years, we have witnessed a rapid growth of companies joining the B Corp family with the unified goal of not only being the best in the world but best for the world. Together, with the worldwide B Corp community and like-minded partners, we will continue to utilise our collective power to promote business as a force for good, in our region and beyond. Cheers to the next 5.000!" — Yufei Jiang, Director, Advocacy & Service, B Corps China

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From left: Yufei Jiang, Director, Advocacy & Service of B Corps China; Maria Correa, Head of Marketing & Communications, B Lab Europe; Taeeun Chung, Senior Manager, B Lab Korea; Chris Turner, Executive Director, B Lab UK

B Lab Europe

"5,000 B Corps is an incredible milestone — one that is both a great achievement as well as a catalyst to accelerate action. As a community, B Corps of all sizes, spanning continents and industries, are continuously both learning from and challenging each other to keep improving the way they run their business to benefit people, society and the planet. No B Corp is perfect. But in the face of the urgent and pressing societal and environmental issues we face today, this growing movement doesn't just offer hope that we can shape behaviors, culture and ultimately, our economic system. It is proof that collectively, we can change the rules of the game.— Maria Correa, Head of Marketing & Communications, B Lab Europe

B Lab Taiwan

"B Lab Taiwan is honoured to see the long-term driven-value coming to a new milestone, which symbolises that business for good is being widely accepted by the world. In Taiwan, we are also participating and steering the sustainable transformation of many small and medium-sized enterprises." — Wei-chen Chang, Chairman of the board, B Lab Taiwan; founder of Jia Wei & Co., CPAs

B Lab UK

"What a moment for the B Corp Movement! I’m thrilled that there are now 5,000 B Corps all proving that a better way of doing business is possible, necessary, and an undeniable force for good. As the B Corp Movement grows, so too does our ability to effectively challenge the system that we’re here to disrupt, and redefine what success looks like in business." — Chris Turner, Executive Director, B Lab UK

B Lab Korea

"We are excited to see 5,000 companies of innovation join the B Corp movement transforming the global economy. The Korea team has witnessed more and more businesses inspired by B Corp’s value to initiate the journey. We are proud of being a part of a community of care, inclusion, and innovation. Together, we are the change we seek. Let’s discover the next 5000! 축하합니다! [Congratulations!]"  — Taeeun Chung, Senior Manager, B Lab Korea

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From left: Prisca Lim, Chief Operating Officer, B Lab Singapore; KK Tse, Co-Chair, B Lab Hong Kong & Macau; Jorge Fontanez, CEO, B Lab U.S. & Canada

B Lab Hong Kong & Macau

"A splendid milestone it is. It was a 15-year journey to inspire and grow the global community of certified B Corps to 5,000, and we look forward to an accelerated growth in the next decade with many more businesses in different parts of the world connecting profit-making with purpose-making." — B Lab Hong Kong & Macau team

B Lab U.S. & Canada

​"This is an energising milestone for our global network and a tipping point for our movement. We are on our way to lasting impact that can positively change the way businesses operate, for the long-term benefit of all people and the planet. The only way to do this is to secure a critical mass of companies that are willing to take collective action. With each new B Corp, we add more diverse enterprises that are a driving force to fundamentally change the economic system. Together, we are not only leading by making commitments to invest in climate solutions and dismantle unjust systems, but we are also creating the roadmap for other businesses to follow." — Jorge Fontanez, CEO, B Lab U.S. & Canada

B Lab Singapore

"Reaching 5,000 Certified B Corps globally shows how far the movement has grown, in depth and reach since its beginnings in 2006. We want to see more companies behave like B Corps, enabled through the B Impact Assessment and SDG Action Manager as a free public good. We're excited to grow the movement here in Asia, and have Asian B Corps lead the way in transforming their sectors." — Prisca Lim, Chief Operating Officer, B Lab Singapore



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