Dating your pension — make sure you’re a match

Make My Money Matter is calling on all businesses to supercharge their efforts to build a better world by showing our pensions some love.

MMMM Dating Your Pension

In today’s world of online apps and zoom first dates, is it any surprise that the average relationship only lasts three years? In fact, with a 42% divorce rate in the UK, you’re more likely to get divorced than change your bank account. However, there is one partner that will stick around for life — our pension.

Now pensions may not sound like the sexiest topic, but how many of us have ever thought about what our money might be getting up to behind our back?

While many B Corps are cutting their carbon footprint and committing to net zero emissions, there’s every chance that their pension scheme is undoing this good work — making them accidental investors in the practices they avoid or the injustices they fight against. B Corps have committed to be the change they want to see in the world, yet are their pensions playing away from home?

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Pensions can be our hidden superpower in the fight against climate change and if we started showing them a little more love, we could make sure the £3tn circulating in British schemes helps build a better world for our retirement. That’s why, at Make My Money Matter, we’re calling on businesses to find out where their pensions are invested — be that in fossil fuels, tobacco or arms — and commit to finding a pension both they and their employees would want to settle down with.

MMMM Roses Are Red

There is widespread recognition that we’re in a climate emergency and people are increasingly looking to businesses to step up and take action. We have become more mindful of the products we buy and clothes we wear, choosing to cut back on harmful habits in our day-to-day lives. While these actions are a step in the right direction, it is our money that matters more than ever. If companies align their pension schemes with their values, we could ensure the billions of pounds invested through our pensions each year helps stop climate change in its tracks.

This Valentine’s Day we’re calling for all businesses to supercharge their efforts to build a better world by showing your pensions some love. As a business, you might already be committed to net zero emissions — now we are asking you to make sure that your pension scheme is net zero too. It’s a match made in heaven.

Making sure your pension helps build a healthy planet as well as making healthy returns is also good for your staff. In fact, recent research from Legal and General showed that employees would feel more positive towards their employer (and contribute more to their pensions) if they knew it was doing good — making for a much healthier relationship.

You wouldn’t date some who is stuck in the past, doesn’t care about the environment or is fooling around with arms dealers — and your employees shouldn’t either. So make sure your pension is the perfect match at

A first step for businesses interested in measuring their social and environmental impact is by using the free B Impact Assessment tool. Any company wishing to certify as a B Corp has its performance assessed by B Lab across all dimensions of its business. These companies are on a journey of continuous improvement to ensure business leverages its power to be a positive force in the world.

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