B Corp Month 2022 - B Lab UK

B Corp Month 2022

Every March, B Lab and the global B Corp Community join together to celebrate what it means to be a B Corp. Find out what we got up to this year!

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What is a B Corp? 

By positively impacting all stakeholders, B Corps are transforming our economic system for the better by committing to positively impact all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet. 

There are now over 4,800 B Corps around the world redefining what success looks like in business. 

Behind the B

For B Corp Month 2022, B Corps invited everyone 'Behind the B' to uncover what makes them better businesses. 

What does it mean to be a B Corp? How are B Corps making business a force for good? These are some of the questions we explored as the B Corp Community joined together to celebrate, educate, and raise awareness about the impact and activities behind the certification.

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The highlights

B Corps around the world celebrated B Corp Month, and there was lots in store in the UK!


For the first time in the UK, March saw the opening of a dedicated B Corp shop in the heart of Soho, "Good News". 

Major retailers in the UK supported B Corp Month. Waitrose showcased its range of B Corp products across 187 stores across the UK, and continued to promote its online B Corp shopWHSmith signposted its range in 65 station stores, and Holland & Barrett launched an online B Corp Hub. They’ve also shared B Corp samples and stories of impact in their flagship store in Marble Arch.

There were 40 billboards around the UK raising awareness about B Corp and better business, and a whole host of social media activity on the campaign hashtag, #BehindTheB!

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The UK's first B Corp shop 

The B Corp pop-up shop "Good News" was open throughout March. Featuring over 100 B Corp brands, it invited shoppers behind the B to learn about the latest innovations and technology within the B Corp Community, and meet the B Lab UK team! 

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Looking back on B Corp Month 2022 - a year like no other! 

With retail activations, billboard campaigns, the first UK B Corp shop and an amazing array of stories from the B Corp Community, B Corp Month 2022 was bigger than ever! The campaign in the UK reached over 60 million people and an amazing 70% of the UK B Corp Community got involved (that’s 459 B Corps!). A massive thank you to everyone who opened their doors and welcomed people Behind the B. 

For the B Lab UK Team, it was a real highlight to welcome over 3,000 people into Good News. In case you missed it, why not read about the B Lab UK team’s own experiences behind the counter? Bring on next year 💪