B Corp Month 2023 - B Lab UK

B Corp Month 2023

Every March, B Lab and the global B Corp Community join together to celebrate what it means to be a B Corp.

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How can you get involved? 

Whether you're a business leader, B Corp employee, or an individual interested in better business, there are plenty of ways you can get involved in B Corp Month. Keep scrolling to find out more. 

Read B Lab UK's B Corp Month 2023 press release

We Go Beyond 

This B Corp Month, B Corps are showing the world how they go beyond expectations. 

Because beyond a mark, B Corp is a movement of businesses making a mark on the world. 

Why have B Corps chosen to pursue a more impactful path? How are they pursuing this path? These are some of the questions B Lab and B Corps will be exploring throughout March as we come together to celebrate, educate and raise awareness about the impact of going beyond business as usual. 

Read our blog to find out what B Lab UK is doing to celebrate B Corp Month.



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Are you a business interested in B Corp Certification? 

B Corps are businesses that Go Beyond by meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

If you’re interested in B Corp Certification and using business as a force for good, check out the events in your local area or scroll through this 5-step overview.

This B Corp Month, we’ve launched Behind the B: an introduction to the B Corp movement. This short course will give you an overview of the B Corp certification process, the B Impact Assessment, and the benefits of becoming a B Corp. Enrol here. 

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Already work for a B Corp? 

In the UK, there are over 55,000 people employed by a B Corp and no matter what your job role is, you can get involved in B Corp Month. 

1. Download the B Corp Month 2023 toolkit to activate the campaign

2. Sign up for the We Go Beyond masterclasses hosted by B Corp working groups via the B Hive events calendar

3. Challenge your team to complete the Behind the B: An Introduction to the B Corp movement training. Get started

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How can you support B Corps? 

Look out for the B on shelves! Visit selected Waitrose, WHSmith travel stores, Whole Foods and Booths stores across the UK to browse their B Corp product displays. Supermarket app Shopmium is also showcasing its range of B Corp products. 

The big B is travelling across the UK

Normally the centrepiece of B Lab UK’s HQ in London, the iconic “Big B” has gone on tour to build understanding in all corners of the UK about the need to transform our economy for the better. Find out where it's heading next below. 

  • Cornwall: 7-8th March

    B Corp Lovat Parks took the B to the beach to kick-start the conversation about sustainable tourism. 

  • Bristol: 16th March

    The big B will be attending PurposeFest in Bristol — a transformative and energetic gathering of purpose-driven, visionary leaders passionate about changing the world

  • Northampton: 17th March

    B Corp Warners Distillery will be taking the big B on a tour of its farm where it creates gin and rum. The intention is to raise awareness of nature positive actions businesses can adopt in response to the global goal of nature positive by 2030 and working in harmony with nature by 2050.

  • Manchester: 21st March

    Architecture B Corp Bennetts Associates will be taking the B to Mayfield Park, Manchester whilst bringing together B Leaders, B Keepers and Manchester-based B Corps to start a discussion about "Going Beyond" in Manchester. 

  • Aberdeen: 23-24th March

    The big B and Aberdeen-based B Corps will be gathering at Marischal College to celebrate B Corp Month and discuss "Going Beyond" in the region. 

  • Edinburgh: 26-27th March

    Scotland-based B Corps One Stone Advisors and Green Element are taking the big B to Forth Bridge in South Queensferry where other local B Corps will be joining them to discuss being the 'bridge' to better corporate sustainability strategies. 

  • Hampshire: 28-29th March

    The Hampshire B Local is hosting a one-day festival focused on business purpose at Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth. During the festival, the B will attend a B Corp workshop and listen to B Corps share stories about how they Go Geyond. 

B Corp Month in the headlines...

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