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Once you've completed the BIA and Disclosure Questionnaire, you’re on the way to becoming a B Corp. Now it’s time to submit your assessment to begin the verification process.

Submitting your assessment

To begin the review process, you need to submit your assessment. This is a simple process confirmed by payment of a one-off submission fee of £250 (plus VAT).

This next stage in your B Corp journey is the review process, when B Lab will learn more about your business practices and aim to verify that your assessment score accurately represents your social and environmental performance. If your verified score is over 80 points, you will be able to complete your B Corp certification.

The review process 

What happens and when

Please note that demand for B Corp Certification is high and there are currently wait periods to enter each stage. Actual timescales will depend on B Lab's capacity, your response time to queries and documentation requests and whether your score drops below 80 points.

1.  Evaluation Queue (up to 6 months)

You will join a queue before being assigned an Evaluation Analyst. You can still edit your assessment during this stage, so use this time to improve your score and to complete the legal requirement.

2.  Evaluation (around 1 month)

Your Evaluation Analyst will perform a number of background checks to ensure you are eligible for B Corp Certification and review your company structure and preliminary score.

If the Evaluation Analyst has any questions or requires more information during this phase, you will be contacted via comments within the ‘Reviews’ page on the BIA platform. To keep the process moving smoothly, ensure that notifications are enabled in the assessment and be sure to respond to your analyst promptly.

3.  Verification Queue (up to 6 months)

During this part of the process, you will receive emails with instructions about which tasks you need to complete next, depending on the size and complexity of your company. These tasks will include providing supporting information, and you may also be asked to upload documents to your Verification Report in the BIA platform. 

Larger companies will be required to submit additional information, such as a profit and loss statement, employee handbook, supplier code of conduct and Impact Business Model (IBM) documentation. Please make sure you respond to all requests in order to keep moving forward.

4.  Verification (around 1 month)

Once you have completed all the assigned tasks, a Standards Analyst will be assigned to work with you to review your assessment and verify the documentation you have provided. 

In addition to the Disclosure Questionnaire, companies pursuing certification are subject to background checks of public records, news sources, and search engines for company names, brands, executives/founders, and other relevant topics. 

It is possible that your score will drop below 80 during the Verification period, in which case an improvement phase is added to the timeline to give you time to bring your score back up.  

5.  Certification

Once you have achieved a verified score of 80+ points, you are now eligible to sign the B Corp Agreement, pay your annual certification fee and be welcomed into the global B Corp Community! 


Tips for submitting documentation in readiness for Review and Verification

There are a number of ways to improve your initial BIA baseline, and in order to complete the Assessment Review, we recommend using these guiding questions when asked to provide final supporting documents and clarifications for verification.
  • Is a primary source provided (policies, supplier invoices, employee handbook)?
  • For questions involving a calculation, is the raw data related to metrics provided?
  • For questions about a written or formal policy, simply engaging in one of the behaviours mentioned does not count.  Is the policy documented and available for employees, customers or appropriate stakeholders?
  • For questions with external metrics (such as ethnic diversity of geographic area), is the information from a reliable and credible source?
  • Are the document(s) provided verifying each question option selected?

For further reading, a number of useful articles on the review process are available here.

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