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Hunter & Gather Foods is sustaining an inspiring team culture

Becoming a B Corp has helped them build an engaged, motivated, and passionate team – a core part of a successful business. Through integrating B Corp principles, Hunter & Gather is sustaining a culture that supports and inspires their team. 

Amy Hunter Gather

Hunter & Gather creates nutrient-dense foods free from refined sugars, grains, inflammatory seeds, and vegetable oils. It was launched by Amy Moring and Jeff Webster in 2017 after years of struggling to find adequate food for Amy, who lives with the challenges of being coeliac. 

  • Company: Hunter & Gather Foods 
  • Location: London
  • Industry: Food products
  • Purpose: Making the choice of healthier options easier, from a brand you can trust to source the highest quality ingredients

The challenge 

  • Creating a strong blueprint for keeping a team motivated 
  • Expanding the eco-business framework to include food brands

Hunter & Gather's co-founder Amy Moring had worked at Lily’s Kitchen, which was one of the original B Corp Certified companies in the UK, and noticed how much being part of the B Corp movement contributed to creating a positive environment for the team.

"I was inspired by the B Corp movement, which I saw expanding beyond startups, as larger brands also wanted to join," says Amy. "My experience at Lily's Kitchen introduced me to B Corp Certification, and when we started our venture, we aimed to be certified."

This led Amy to consider getting Hunter & Gather certified as a B Corp. Besides the team motivation factor, Amy was inspired by the potential of integrating a food brand within an eco-business framework, highlighting regenerative agriculture, European sourcing, and sustainable packaging.

How B Corp Certification helped 

  • Setting a firm foundation for growth   
  • Making sure their team has great incentives and support  

"Becoming a B Corp was about running a business well from the beginning to do good for people in a way that had longevity," says Amy. She believes a thriving business isn't solely about financial resources or aggressive marketing. At its core, it's about ensuring a strong foundation that nurtures not just the business goals but also the people driving those goals.

"It's not just about spending investor money, having really high marketing and no structure or foundation beneath it all," she explains. Instead, the essence of a purpose-led business is deeply rooted in creating an environment where employees feel valued, supported and happy, as well as creating products that your customers benefit from day in and day out.

"We appreciate the B Corp ethos not just for its support of our regenerative real food approach but for its emphasis on building a solid business," she says. "One where good structures are in place, and, crucially, where the team feels content, motivated, and has the right incentives and support." For Hunter & Gather, becoming a B Corp is about preserving a happy workplace as much as it is about ethical and sustainable practices.

"We want to showcase that being a B Corp isn't restricted to certain niches."

The impact 

  • Becoming a change agent for the industry 
  • Building sustainable practices into the business 

"I think a lot of the time people think B Corp is just about the environment," Amy adds. To truly make a difference, a business has to stand on solid ground before it can genuinely assist others and drive change.

"You have to have business credentials to be able to help others," Amy says. "No margin, no mission." Becoming a B Corp has enabled Hunter & Gather to be part of a longer-term conversation about the way business intersects with people and planet.

She says, "We want to showcase that being a B Corp isn't restricted to certain niches."  It's not merely about ticking boxes – instead, it’s about genuinely being at the forefront of positive transformation. "We want to be in the conversations to make a change towards our way of thinking."

To learn more, head to the Hunter & Gather website and its page on the B Corp Directory.