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B Corp Month 2024

Every March, B Lab and the global B Corp community celebrate what it means to be a B Corp, raising awareness of the movement worldwide.

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This way to better business 

This B Corp Month, B Corps are showing the world how they're moving forward, together. This Way Forward champions the B Corp community as a work in progress. Because B Corp Certification isn’t a destination. It’s an invitation to join the journey to better business.

Read B Lab Global's B Corp Month 2024 press release

What did we do in B Corp Month?
  • The B Corp mural
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    The Manchester mural

    78 business names have appeared on a mural in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. They all have one thing in common. Find out more.

  • On Purpose — The B Corp bar
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    On Purpose — the B Corp Bar

    15 certified B Corp drinks brands have come together to raise the bar for purposeful business this B Corp Month. On Purpose — the B Corp Bar is the UK's first B Corp pop-up bar. Find out more about the brands involved.

  • https://www.bigissue.com/life/money/embracing-a-kinder-economy-the-transformative-power-of-b-corps/
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    The Big Issue B Corp guide

    The Big Issue has showcased how it’s proud to be part of the growing B Corp community by featuring a B-Z of B Corps in its March issue.

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    The Art of Progress

    This year we've encouraged the UK B Corp community to get creative and turn their progress into art. We've seen Organix's window mural, Atomic Smash's skateboards at Purposefest and Windsor and Newton launched a competition for artists to create a B with its products, to name a few. Head to our Instagram to see the art.

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Shop B Corp products and services

Shop with purpose, shop B Corp. This year, major UK retailers including Waitrose and Booths are showcasing the B Corps they stock in selected stores across the UK. Ocado and Shopmium are also showcasing the B Corp products they stock online. 

B Corp products are good for people and the planet. Find out why, and how.

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Want to deepen your understanding of B Corp Certification?

B Corps are helping to redefine the role of business in our economy. If you’re interested in learning about the B Corp movement, complete our free 90 minute training course — Behind the B: An introduction to the B Corp movement. This free short course gives you an overview of the process to becoming a B Corp and its benefits. Enrol here

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