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The business case for becoming a B Corp

Learn how successful businesses improved their growth, employee engagement and partnerships through B Corp Certification.

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B Corps are companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. They also experience improved growth, strong employee engagement and secure new partnerships.

How are B Corps performing?

B Corps are committed to using business as a force for good and, at the same time, see tangible benefits in their performance.

Recent research shows that B Corps out-perform their UK peers across several business metrics. We compared the data from surveys of UK SMEs to data from B Corp SMEs. Keep scrolling to find out more. 

So, what does the research show?
  • B Corps Saw An Average Growth Of 26% Between 2017 And 2020
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  • Accelerated growth in annual revenue and workforce
    • 86% of B Corps have a positive outlook on growth compared with 25% for all SMEs
    • 70% of B Corps have a net positive* expectation of headcount growth, compared with 16% of SMEs

    “This year we have grown 500%, a large part of that is down to our B Corp Certification.” — Asad Hamir, Founder, Klyk.

    "One+All’s B Corp status gives it a competitive edge with retail customers. Talking to these customers about what B Corps are, puts it in a strong position with its consumers. This competitive advantage is helping to drive sales. The more we grow, the more good we can do.” — Caroline Hopley, UK marketing and communications lead, One+All.

    *How many more businesses are expecting to increase compared to those expecting to decrease.

  • Improved retention, employee engagement and diversity
    • 71% of respondents said that B Corp has improved their employee recruitment, engagement and retention

    “Six months ago someone joined us, rather than a FTSE-100 company, specifically because of our commitment to neurodiversity – we recently joined the Neurodiversity in Business network.” — Lowri Humberstone-Hill, Head of Communication and Engagement, Yellow Sub Geo.

    “The certification aids with attracting and retaining colleagues with the right mindset and values to add to our impact driven culture we have here at Ruebik. As a black female founder, I celebrate difference and value perspective in my team.” — Christina Brooks, Founder and CEO Ruebik.

    “People who work for us are passionate about DE&I and making an impact through their work. Demonstrating our commitment to strong business ethics and clear values through B Corp certification has strengthened the bonds between our team at HewardMills.” — Dyann Heward-Mills, CEO, HewardMills.

  • More success with securing finance and preferential loans
    • 70% of B Corps who sought equity finance secured all (or more) of the required amount, versus 56% of the wider SME population

    “We recently had to go through a refinancing deal. Part of it was an ESG linked deal which was prompted by us being a B Corp. The targets we now have are strongly linked with the BIA and there are quite big material savings as a result.” — Nicoleta Ciobanu, Head of Sustainability, Cooper Parry.

    “Being associated with an organisation exhibiting strong ethical and sustainable standards has helped us establish ourselves as a market leader that operates with purpose and integrity.” —Dyann Heward-Mills, Founder HewardMills.

    “There's no better mark out there when it comes to sustainability or impact globally. The B Corp mark gives confidence to your customers, staff and partners.” — Asad Hamir, Founder and MD Klyk.

  • New partnerships and collaborations with like minded organisations

    B Corps benefit from joining a vibrant community of like-minded businesses that are keen to collaborate.

    “As the old proverb says: “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”, and seeing the numbers of amazing organisations [within the B Corp Community] who demonstrate collective spirit and genuine commitment to effect change was a key motivator to pursuing certification.” — Cynthia Davis, CEO & Founder, Diversifying Group.

    “With B Corp you will gain credibility, giving you a community you can tap into. Other B Corps will meet at events and really want to support you, the community is everything." — Asad Hamir, Founder and MD, Klyk.


  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness from simplified workflows
    • 74% of B Corps state they have a formal business plan, compared to 41% of the wider SME population
    • 84% of B Corps state they have processes in place to ensure formal tracking of business performance, compared to 52% of all SMEs

    "As we got deeper into the process I realised it’s not about getting certified at all. It’s about the learning. It’s a chance to rethink, reimagine and also improve every aspect of your business through the wide reaching lens of the BIA." — Nicoleta Ciobanu, Head of Sustainability, Cooper Parry.

    “The accountability factor that B Corp requires in terms of social and environmental responsibility at each level of the business, highlighted to us that this is not a box-ticking exercise and something that we at Diversifying Group wanted to be part of. The process helped us to articulate our work in different ways which raised awareness of how we communicate our work and vision and helped us to better understand where we are on our journey.” — Cynthia Davies, CEO and Founder, Diversifying Group.

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Download a full report of the research

...and what do B Corps say the benefits are?
Securing green financing and surpassing growth goals

Nicoleta Ciobanu is Head of Sustainability at Cooper Parry, a leading accountancy and business advisory firm.

Improving customer acquisition and securing new partnerships

Asad Hamir is the Founder and MD of Klyk, sustainable IT solutions that help businesses tackle e-waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

Improving retention and employee engagement

Dyann Heward-Mills is the Founder and CEO of HewardMills, a global data protection consultancy with offices in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Standing out in the market and increased collaboration

Christina Brooks is the Founder and CEO of Ruebik, a diverse talent consultancy appointing diverse leaders into executive positions.

87% of B Corps say their customers or clients responded positively when hearing they have achieved B Corp Certification

“We are finding that more and more consumers are aware of what being a B Corp brand means and can’t wait for even more people to join us on the journey.“ - Susan Allen, Co Founder and COO, Here We Flo.

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Attracting talent and boosting brand visibility

Rupa Wincell is the Founder of Krī Skincare, a minimalist skincare company making products with purpose.

Amy Hunter Gather
Building a motivated team and setting a firm foundation for growth

Amy Moring is the Co-Founder of Hunter & Gather, which creates nutrient-dense foods free from refined sugars, grains, inflammatory seeds, and vegetable oils.

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Obtaining a unique edge in a crowded market

Susan Allen is the Co Founder and COO of Here we Flo, a rapidly growing B Corp with big ambitions and an impressive roster of advisors and investors from Graze, Charlotte Tilbury, Unilever, L'Oreal, M&S, and more.

Now let's demystify B Corp Certification...
  • Who can certify?

    You can certify as a B Corp if you operate for profit in a competitive market, and have at least 12 months of operations. Take a look at our eligibility guidance for more information on who can certify.

  • Why become a B Corp?

    Businesses that become B Corps have seen great results: committed and motivated employees, increased customer loyalty, higher levels of innovation, and market leadership. Learn more here.

  • How much does it cost?

    Using the B Impact Assessment is free. Eligible companies must submit their B Impact Assessment, paying a submission and verification fee during the certification process, and then paying an annual fee as a member of the B Corp community.

    We have subsidised the verification fee for the smallest companies wanting to join our community. In this way, and alongside our new equity pricing, we are continuing to ensure the B Corp movement remains a home for diverse businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    Find out more about our pricing here.

  • How long does it take?

    The time involved largely depends on the size and complexity (number of operating locations) of your company. To get a better understanding of timelines, take a look at our certification overview page.

Here's your checklist for getting started
By joining the community you'll be in good company...
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